Cuban immunologist: “recovery plasma” will eradicate Corona epidemic

The Cuban doctor, Arturo Casadevale, an immunologist, said that “recovery plasma”, which is the blood transfusion from people who have Coronavirus with “immunity”, promotes recovery in patients suffering from the epidemic.

“The Corona virus is a new disease and it is still under study, so there is no precise treatment to deal with, but we are now developing a study on the use of blood plasma for those who recover from patients and who can stop the aggressive development of the virus,” according to the magazine “Rebista Demi Cuba.” Specialized in the field of medicine.

The Cuban specialist stressed that “the blood of patients who have been cured from the Corona virus, contains excessive immunoglobulin, which are proteins produced by the human body to fight infection, and through a blood transfusion procedure for this plasma, it can show a marked improvement in those infected.”

Moreover, this Cuban physician’s approach relies on other killer virus treatments, such as SARS or Ebola. As a result, it was found that blood transfusion significantly affected recovery of infected patients and more if performed early.

Also, this treatment for the virus suggested by the Cuban doctor is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So, in the next few days, they will start applying it in patients from Albert Einstein College of Medicine Hospital in New York, and important medical companies have shown interest in supporting this promising treatment..

The magazine pointed out that Arturo Casadival, was born in Cuba and moved to Spain and then to the United States of America, to study the health field, and worked in prominent medical institutions, and he also held important positions at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where he obtained a doctorate in infectious diseases.

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