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Cts in alarm – Libero Quotidiano

Johnson&Johnson come AstraZeneca? While on the Anglo-Swedish vaccine there were clear directives on its use only for the over 60s, in the case of Janssen’s drug the communication was a little less decisive. As reported by the Everyday occurrence, a good part of the Scientific Technical Committee, between Wednesday and Friday was to limit the single-dose vaccine, which is a viral vector just like AstraZeneca, to those who are at least 60 years old. Along the same lines too Giorgio Palù, president of Aifa; Gianni Rezza of the Ministry of Health, the immunologist Sergio Abrignani and the director of Spallanzani Giuseppe Ippolito.

Then, however, there would have been some tension within the CTS. And so in the opinion sent to the ministry there was a less clear passage on J&J, wanted by the coordinator Franco Locatelli. “A mess”, according to several members of the CTS. On the single-dose vaccine, in fact, the circular says: “While taking into account the similarities between the Vaxzevria vaccine and the Janssen vaccine, as regards both the platforms and the type of thromboembolic events reported in the literature, the current state of knowledge (which suggests a risk associated with adenovirus), the number of just over a million doses administered in the country today and the rarity, even in Europe, of reports of Vitt (thrombosis thrombocyte- vaccine-induced penics) currently available, they do not allow to draw conclusive evaluations with respect to the benefit / risk ratio of the Janssen vaccine”.

Johnson & Johnson, however, is also recommended for people over the age of 60. Meanwhile, the committee promises new assessments and invites the “monitoring” of adverse events. And so the Regions proceed on their own, taking seriously the “recommendation” on J&J. Yesterday, for example, Piedmont and Puglia have made it known that they will not vaccinate under-60s even with Johnson & Johnson.

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