CT Receives a Special 60th Birthday Gift from Ridwan Kamil


Chairman CT Corp, Chairul Tanjung (CT), with his family today visited the official residence of the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil | at Pakuan Building, Bandung. CT’s visit to the Pakuan Building was to convey condolences for the passing of Ridwan Kamil’s eldest son, Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz.

On that occasion, CT received a painting from Ridwan Kamil as a gift for his 60th birthday.

“Coincidentally, yesterday was my birthday too, so the Governor gave me a present,” said CT as quoted from detikJabarSunday (19/6/2022).

The gift was given by Ridwan Kamil after the ceremony at Pakuan Building. The painting, called CT, was immediately discarded by Kang Emil, Ridwan Kamil’s nickname.

The painting depicts people who are circling around the Kaaba. CT then expressed his gratitude to Kang Emil after receiving the gift.

“The gift of a painting depicting people walking around the Kaaba. And of course we thank you, convey our happiness, we can receive a gift from him,” said CT.

Check out the full news the sini.

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