CSV Marathon Krefeld must confirm the turnaround

District Football League A
CSV Marathon must confirm the trend reversal

CSV Marathon Krefeld visits the leader in Kaldenkirchen. In their ranks, guests have an outstanding player who overflows with self-confidence. Meanwhile, in St. Tönis, there is an unusual comparison within the club.

Until a week ago, the Krefeld CSV Marathon seemed to be a season of failure, bad luck and collapse. That’s why the 9: 3 win against VfL Willich II was something of a liberation. The lion’s share of the victory clearly went to Erhan Mutlu. The ten got close six times. This quota could undoubtedly become an eternity record in football district A.

Mutlu is 29, he comes from Uerdinger U19 and then played for Speldorf, St. Tönis, Carsambaspor, Fischeln, FSV Duisburg, Belediye, Sarikamis, Kusadasispor and 1. FC Mönchengladbach before leaving the nearly 18 stainless steel fighting track months ago landed. Was the last breakaway victory also the turning point? “I hope so. Now we have to go to Kaldenkirchen, the leader of the table, and only then will we know if it has been the turning point,” says coach Onur Özkaya.

The staff, however, continue to harass him. Okan Basaran and Lennard Ulrich are still suffering from last season’s cruciate ligament rupture and three newcomers Georgio-Marcelino Wackers (metatarsal rupture), Emre Kizil (ligament rupture) and Mehmet Ufuk Erkan (suspended) are still missing. Not to mention the transfer from King Selim Özdemir. The 31-year-old, who arrived at Gladbacher Strasse from ASV Süchteln with a cruciate ligament injury still to be treated, needs time. Özdemir played for KFC Uerdingen, VfR Fischeln, some clubs in Turkey, TuRU Düsseldorf and Teutonia St. Toenis.

On Sunday in Gelderner Strasse in St. Tönis (1:30 pm) an unusual discussion will start. The second there meets the third there. This constellation existed in Bockum or Strümp. And it would also exist in Fischeln. But then those responsible pulled the launch and second rope at short notice in July. As it turned out later, it was too early a measure, because later there were enough players standing with their guns. In this context, the sacrifice of the pawn was the coach Karl-Heinz Winkler, who did not want to go along with the new constellation in shrinking a team. When he took office in the summer of 2021 there was talk of building a young team, a kind of U23. It was to be the catchment area for young players who did not enter the state league squad on Kölner Straße.

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