CSO: Production prices in August fell by 1.2% y / y.

The prices of industrial production in August fell by 1.2% y / y, and in monthly terms they fell by 0.3%. – reported the Central Statistical Office.

In a survey conducted by PAP Biznes, economists forecasted that producer prices in August fell by 1.0% in annual terms, and increased by 0.1% in monthly terms.

Industrial production in August increased by 1.5 percent. yoy, and compared to the previous month it fell by 5.8 percent. – reported the Central Statistical Office. Analysts surveyed by PAP Biznes expected an increase in production in August by 1.8% y / y, and a decrease of 5.6% on a monthly basis.

Seasonally adjusted industrial production in August increased by 1.8% y / y and increased by 0.6% m / m.

The increase in sold production was recorded, among others in the production of computers, electronic and optical products – by 20.1%, wood, cork, straw and wicker products – by 13.6%, electrical devices – by 10.3%, furniture – by 8.5% ., rubber and plastic products – by 4.7%, motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers – by 4.4%.

In turn, the decline in sold industrial production, compared to August 2019, occurred in 13 divisions, incl. in hard coal and lignite mining – by 20.4%, in the production of machinery and equipment – by 16.2%, metals – by 8.9%, coke and refined petroleum products – by 7.1%.

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