“Crystal Palace’s Fear of Change and Female Representation in Grass Shoveling: A Now Sports Report”

【Now Sports】Crystal Palace dismissed Wella, please return to the old coach Hechen to fight for the protection level. To me, they are crazy.
Written by: crooked flower

Hechen left Crystal Palace in the summer of 2021, leaving a lineup with many veterans and many players who left on contract for Wella, who passed from Nice. Faced with such a predicament, Wella successfully activated and signed many new stars such as Keir, Ganna Galaga, Aulas, Edoya, etc. Among them, Keir and Ganna Galaga have become England’s big internationals.

In addition to the successful formation of the army, although Weila’s tactics are mainly defensive, they also focus on possession of the ball, and his offensive style is more open. Moreover, the World Cup champion has a clear system. For example, when the right gate holds the ball, other players Where should it appear? This tactic is more modern than the former Shuai Hechen. In terms of personnel, Wella is equally good, and the relationship with the players is very good.

It is a pity that Wella has been unable to improve the firepower problem this season after receiving praise in the first season. After 12 games without a win, he was dismissed by Crystal Palace. In fact, although Crystal Palace has the threat of relegation, the situation is not too bad. It is currently ranked 12th with 27 points in 28 games, 3 points more than the relegation zone, but the club has proved a promising player at this critical juncture. It is unwise and short-sighted to dismiss a young marshal who has lost his strength. It proves that the rank of guard is too big, and no vision or future is worth talking about.

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Then, Crystal Palace recruited the 75-year-old Hechen to fight for the protection level, which can be said to be a foreseeable step, and it is not the first time they want to change and are afraid of death. In 2017, they appointed Farandi Baoya, and they were fired in less than 3 months. People invited Hechen, and now the changes and evolution of more than one season have been wasted again. If this season succeeds and stays, next season will suffer?

Written by: crooked flower
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