Crystal Genomics, attended the JP Morgan Healthcare conference

Crystal Genomics announced on the 22nd that it will participate in the “2023 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference” and Biotech Showcase held in San Francisco, USA, and present its R&D status.

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Crystal Genomics will simultaneously participate in the “JP Morgan Healthcare Conference” which will be held in San Francisco, USA for four days from January 9th (local time) to 12th and the “Biotech Showcase” in USA which will be held from 9th to 11th.

The JP Morgan Conference is the largest pharmaceutical and biologics industry event, bringing together healthcare companies and institutional investors from around the world every January.

Due to the fact that you can meet investors from all over the world and get opportunities to enter new markets, companies and industry players as well as investors are highly interested.

Crystal Genomics plans to seek licensing and licensing partners through one-to-one partnership meetings with foreign biological companies to introduce “Ibaltinostat”, a new drug candidate for anti-cancer and anti-fibrosis treatment, pancreatic cancer clinical development in the United States. to be.

A Crystal Genomics official said, “We plan to foster a strategic alliance through the introduction of new innovative drug development pipelines and US-focused clinical trials.”

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