Cryptotrader hamster Mr. Gox dies at death –


Cryptotrader hamster Mr. Gox dies

He showed no signs of serious illness. Only sometimes he was bothered by the kidneys, and in the first days of his life he was treated for ticks.

Cryptotrader hamster Mr. Gox, aka Max, has passed away. This was announced on Wednesday, November 24 Reddit its owner.

The owner of a hamster who got rich in cryptocurrency trading said that on November 21, his pet refused to eat, and the next day he died in his sleep.

“We were afraid of this day. Mr. Gox brought joy to people around the world and reminded us not to take life too seriously,” wrote its owner.

The man said that Mr. Gox shed light on the dark moments of the coronavirus pandemic, inflation and many other issues.

According to the owner, the animal showed no signs of a serious illness, only occasionally he was bothered by the kidneys.

The hamster named Mr. Gox became famous in September: he traded in cryptocurrency and since June 12 has increased his portfolio by 98.2 euros, which is 25% of the original amount of 390 euros. In a special cage with sensors, the hamster chose a specific cryptocurrency, and then passed through one of the “decision-making” corridors. Depending on the chosen tunnel, he either bought a token for 20 euros or sold a position.

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