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[표]Virtual currency market price (provided by: Cryptocurrency Exchange Upbit)

According to the current cryptocurrency exchange “Upbit”, the market price of Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency ledger, is trading at 65,399,000 won, up 1,148,000 won (1.79%) compared to the previous day.

Excluding Bitcoin, virtual currency trends are dominated by rising.

There are 11 cryptocurrencies showing an uptrend, and the gas showing the biggest uptrend among them is trading at 12,160 won, up 128.36% from the previous day.

In addition, Ontology Gas (41.0%, KRW 736), Pundi X (35.78%, KRW 2.77), Arc (35.68%, KRW 1,635), Ton (27.27%, KRW 6,510), Ignis (26.91%, KRW 108), Bits Coin Gold (24.47%, 36,720 won), Cyrin Token (18.11%, 73.7 won), BitTorrent (16.86%, 2.01 won), Ripple (4.26%, 612 won), Bitcoin Cash (2.84%, 804,400 won) It showed an upward trend.

There are three cryptocurrencies showing a decline, and Ada, which shows the biggest decline, is trading at 1,240 won, down 3.5% from the previous day.

In addition, Paycoin (-0.77%, 1,935 won) and Ethereum (-0.5%, 2,196,000 won) showed a decline.

Meanwhile, gas, Pundi X, and Bitcoin are the most active in the order of transaction amount.

Lionbot Reporter -Korea Economic Daily TV※ This article was written in real time by Korea Economic Daily TV and’Thinkful, a financial AI company.

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