Crypto chat cracked: large-scale raid against drug traffickers

There were also searches in North Rhine-Westphalia: Investigators in front of an office building in Essen
Image: dpa

The police searched more than a hundred apartments, offices and warehouses on Monday morning, the focus of the raid is in the Rhine-Main area. The investigators tracked down the criminals because a so-called crypto chat could be decrypted.

GSecret drug laboratories, seized drugs and illegal weapons: the Hessian police took action against drug crime on Monday morning with a large-scale raid. The focus of the action was the Rhine-Main area, but numerous apartments, offices, warehouses and garages were also searched elsewhere in Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. More than a hundred objects were combed through nationwide. Drugs and weapons were seized. Several people were arrested in the course of the searches, confirmed the Hessian State Criminal Police Office (LKA) in Wiesbaden, which led the investigation.

Worldwide crypto network decrypted

The police had previously managed to crack a so-called crypto network of drug criminals. The encrypted messenger service was used worldwide; its decryption provided insights into the communication between drug traffickers in several countries. That is why there were raids not only in Germany, but in a total of 15 countries, including the USA, Sweden and Great Britain. Officials of the American FBI were in charge of the decryption of the crypto network. “The raids were a worldwide action, Hessen was part of it,” said the LKA.

The Bild newspaper reported that a drug laboratory was also being excavated in the Bockenheim district of Frankfurt. A “drug cook” was arrested. The LKA does not want to comment on the details of the raid, such as the number of people arrested and the amount of drugs and weapons seized, but only on Tuesday. Then the EU police authority Europol wants to announce further details about the operation at a press conference.

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