Cry for help for British companies: politicians, sign Brexit deal with European Union

More than seventy major British trade associations have made a final appeal to politicians to make a deal with the European Union. They hope that a compromise will still be made and that a hard Brexit will be avoided, reports The Financial Times.

These include representatives of farmers, the retail sector and the car industry. The organizations that issued the call represent more than seven million employees.

Job retention

They want to prevent the United Kingdom from leaving the European Union without a trade deal. The companies say the deal is necessary to keep jobs.

“A deal can be made with compromise and tenacity. Businesses are calling on leaders from both sides to find a way out,” said a statement.

Johnson: EU is not making enough concessions

On Friday, British Prime Minister Johnson said his country to prepare for it that it leaves the European Union without a trade agreement. He believes that EU negotiators are making too few concessions to reach an agreement.

The United Kingdom, which officially left the European Union in January, has until January 1, 2021 to reach a final trade agreement. The British trade associations fear that without an agreement it will become more difficult to export goods to the EU due to, among other things, “red tape”.

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