Cruises to ‘nowhere’ very popular in Singapore

In five days, at least 6,000 people have booked a cruise to ‘nowhere’ in Singapore. The shipping company Genting Cruise Lines organizes 23 cruises for 1,700 people per boat in November and December, according to the Straits Times from Singapore.

On Thursday, The Singapore Tourism Board announced that pilot cruises are offered that do not stop anywhere, in any port. No boats have sailed out since March due to the corona virus. The phone of one of the two providers, Genting Cruise Lines, has been on the off-hook since the announcement. The great interest exceeded the expectations of the shipping company.

With the new type of travel, the providers can still make some money despite the travel restrictions due to the pandemic. The ship itself is the holiday destination. Corona measures do apply on board. For example, guests must keep their distance from each other and wear masks. All passengers also undergo a corona test.

The idea is derived from flights to ‘nowhere’ which proved to be very popular in Asia. Since the coronavirus outbreak, several airlines have offered flights, which return to the same airport after take-off and several hours of flight. As a result, the airlines still had an income despite the cancellation of flights due to the corona crisis.

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