CRUEL! The Expert Team Confidential Information About Aldebaran, This Figure Gives Money To Shut Up So Andin Falls, Bond Of Love

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – soap operas Love Bond will be back on air tonight 9 Mei 2022 at 20.30 WIB on RCTI (if there is no change in broadcast hours).

Upcoming episodes may be about a team of experts looking for Al to cover up info about husbands Andinthis figure turned out to give money to keep his mouth shut.

For those of you who don’t have time to watch soap operas Love Bond Last night, the following is a review of the previous episode’s story along with predictions for the next episode.

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Previously, Andin be a woman who is tough and patient in the face of all the problems that befall her.

At the moment Andin who is in control of all household affairs to the company Aldebaran.

Ever since Al disappeared, Andin struggling alone to take care of her children and in-laws.

Andin took on a big responsibility and he managed to get through it during the 18 months left by Al.

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