Crowd at the Arechi, Salerno in celebration. The craziest deal: it was Ribery’s day

What a crowd at Arechi. On the day when the hippocampus fans were waiting for the presentation of the Salernitana team, the welcome surprise was the arrival of Franck Ribery. Landed in Naples in the morning, the Frenchman underwent the usual round of medical examinations and signing, to then become in the evening officially a new football player grenade, linked to the company by an annual contract with automatic renewal in case of salvation. In the middle, precisely, in the home stadium of the team coached by Castori, the affection of the fans for their number 7. What, assures the former Fiorentinaconvinced him to accept the company’s call. Proud of a shot like this, as explained by the sole director Ugo Marchetti, who received thanks from the general manager, Angelo Fabiani, that Salernitana brought her to Serie A and now tries to keep her, federal rules and deadlines permitting, even with a shot like Ribery. A deal so crazy as to make the French ask what this Salernitana is.



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