Croatian border opens; Never had so many infections in a day

The Salzburg Center for Violence Protection has recently seen an increase in the number of reported cases of domestic violence. “We have seen a significant increase in the number of self-registrants for two weeks,” explained managing director Renee Mader. The number of injunctions by the courts has increased accordingly.

While eight people reported themselves to the violence protection center in the comparative period of the previous year – i.e. were not assigned by the police – the number had increased to 48 in the past 14 days. According to Mader, a total of 705 people were admitted from the beginning of the year to June 4 this year, compared to 560 in the comparable period in 2019. Women, children, adolescents are affected – and men to a much lesser extent.

While people were still busy organizing their everyday lives in the first days and weeks of the corona epidemic, the situation has now stabilized for many, says Mader. “As the crisis subsides, the willingness of those affected to report cases of violence has increased,” said Mader.

At the Salzburg police, however, the rise in domestic violence could not be substantiated by numbers on Tuesday. “This is not currently reflected in the advertisements,” said a spokeswoman for the state police directorate to the APA.

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