Critics launched into him. Harder moments, don’t hide Hancko. He praises the role of his father and the galleys under the Danes

On the last day of May, Hancko and his wife, tennis player Kristýna (formerly Plíšková), announced that their son Adam was born. Therefore, the football player apologized from the League of Nations, for whose June matches he was nominated. “It’s a complication for me and also a bit of a disappointment, but it’s his decision,” coach Štefan Tarkovič said sourly.

Other critics in Slovakia were even more forceful. “Each of us has some family responsibilities, but representation is representation. I see it as an apology through my fingers. I played two days after the birth of my daughter, “said former representative Marek Sapara.” Others were born children and the national team did not refuse because of that. Jurkemik.

Spartan encouragement for the new season? The key to PragueVideo:

The defense of Pavel Hapal must have sounded like a balm to Hanck. “I will support Hanci because it is a life event. He had a baby and wanted to be with his family, which I absolutely respect. No one should take it lightly. If someone says that he preferred the child to the national team, then I approve of it, because this is in the first place, “said the Czech coach resolutely, who led the Slovak national team the year before last and could always rely on the defender with experience from Italy.

“The coach pleased me, it was a little harder time for me. I can honestly say that I did not expect such a response, but I am glad that most people supported me and stood up for me. It wasn’t just my personal decision, I discussed it with my surroundings. I am glad that a lot of acquaintances and teammates have defended me, that I have made a good decision, “Hancko acknowledges.

What matters, of course, is how he manages the new role of father. “We are trying to find a rhythm, to have a regime, but we are very happy about it. They’re both fine, we’re enjoying it. In addition, I’m sleeping well so far, so everything is no problem, “he says contentedly.

During the first practice, the Sparta footballers got a lot of work from the new coachesVideo:

The summer galleys under the new coach Prisk are more demanding. “For the style in which Sparta wants to present itself, it is important that we are physically ready, such as Slavia and Pilsen in recent seasons,” Hancko realizes.

“You see, you call it galleys, and for me as a player it was normal training even in preparation. With a little exaggeration, I said that we had returned to the days of my youth. The share of the field at that time was not as large as it is now, “smiles Michal Horňák. As a substitute coach with Sparta, he won the derby in Eden, after Dan’s arrival he returned to the flat.

Before leaving for the training camp, we will narrow the staff a bit, advises Sparta coach Brian PriskeVideo:

“The benefits from the beginning of the training are completely different for us than what we were used to. But it’s definitely not a bad thing, on the contrary, I think it can help us a lot and it will be beneficial. It’s just a habit. I dare say that it will show at the beginning of the season. It’s challenging, but I see it positively because I know it can improve me, “Hancko says amicably.

“It’s good that the coaches are demanding. They came up with a vision. I think it’s right, it must always be built on physical condition. Only then does quality emerge from it. And the quality in the boys in Sparta is definitely there, “points out Horňák, who as a player won ten titles with Sparta, seven of them in a separate league.

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