Criticized Labyad responds: “Whether you play well or not”

Zakaria Labyad takes the criticism of his person for granted. Because of his missed opportunities against FC Midtjylland, he was again one of the most criticized Ajax players on Wednesday.

Labyad missed several opportunities and received a lot of criticism on social media, among others. “People always criticize. Whether you play well or not,” Labyad said Veronica.

“I don’t read much news, criticism is part of the life of a professional football player. I try to get the best out of it, but otherwise I don’t care what other people say.” Labyad thinks he should have scored. “It just has to go in. I didn’t get it full. The keeper was there quickly, but the ball just has to go in.”

Labyad was allowed to play in his trusted position for a change. “As number ten I know what is expected. It is my favorite position, so you do everything you can to stay in the team. So I hope I do well.”

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