Criticism of Thuringia: “Our job is not to satisfy longings”

Dhe Saarland Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) has criticized the decision of his Thuringian colleague Bodo Ramelow (left). This wants to lift the general corona restrictions in Thuringia. “All of our jobs in politics are now not alone in satisfying longings – even if they are understandable – but in weighing up soberly, responsibly and in a science-based manner and helping society to weather this pandemic,” said Hans WELT.

Certainly, the citizens now had to “be given perspectives, for example with regard to childcare in daycare centers and also for leisure activities with more than just one other household. With all easing, however, the following must apply: We still need state-prescribed rules so that the precautionary requirements are observed, in order to avoid regional lockdowns and increased death rates. ”

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Saarland’s Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU)

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Hans emphasized: “The pandemic is not over, we must not close our eyes to it and pretend that we are through. It is now about the greatest possible normality in a state of emergency. “The head of the Saarland government is” very strongly on even better tracking of infection chains and regular testing of particularly vulnerable groups. At the same time, we need to support research to end the state of emergency as soon as possible and to work on vaccines, active substances and faster and more efficient test procedures. “

Ramelow had previously announced that the general corona restrictions would be lifted in his state. He cited the low number of infections as the reason in “Bild am Sonntag”. “We made a decision in March based on an estimate of 60,000 people infected – now we currently have 245 people infected,” said the head of government. The success shows that the hard measures were rightly taken, but now it also forces realistic consequences. And that means: “For Thuringia, I recommend lifting the measures.”

On his website Ramelow wrote that he would make proposals to the cabinet on how to dispense with general protective regulations as of June 6 and towards a concept of recommending and combating Covid-19 locally as the number increased Infection numbers come. The motto should be: “From bids to bids, from state constraints to self-reliant measures.” The essence will be that an alarm system is triggered in the Ministry of Health before a limit of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is reached. As a result, support measures for affected communities should be initiated immediately in order to contain new sources of infection and to ensure optimal medical care.

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The SPD federal chair Saskia Esken rejects the Free State’s approach. “The transition from ‘to bid’ in Thuringia sounds tempting, especially since the corona statistics show a positive development. On the other hand, reports of hundreds of administrative offenses against the distance requirement are worrying, ”said Esken WELT. “Apparently people still need clarity, security and orientation through national rules such as hygiene, keeping a distance and limiting close contacts.”

Most citizens would “have behaved very responsibly during the lockdown and are still doing so now that we are entering the phase of cautious, regionally different easing. Obviously, not everyone can deal with these new, self-reliant rules of conduct equally well – as examples in the Leer district and elsewhere show. ”In a restaurant in Leer in Lower Saxony recently a corona outbreak has been reported.

Esken reprimanded the FDP chief for its hug A friend: “If a leading politician like Christian Lindner hugs guests goodbye again while at the same time he calls for the government to take action, it is simply irresponsible. Then we don’t have to be surprised if people can no longer follow. ”

The SPD parliamentary group also sharply rejected the Ramelow plan. Deputy Chairman Bärbel Bas said: “I think the strategy of the state of Thuringia is dangerous. Ramelow is shifting responsibility to the individual municipality. Where there are low infection numbers, further loosening can take place, but abolishing all protective measures puts risk groups at risk. ”Ramelow’s attitude also met with skepticism in his own coalition. Thuringia’s Minister of Economic Affairs Wolfgang Tiefensee (SPD) said that he supported Ramelow’s proposal for a swift lifting of all corona restrictions, “as far as this does not mean basic hygiene and occupational safety regulations”. At the same time, Tiefensee warned of immediate and extensive removal of the protective measures.

Union faction vice president Thorsten Frei played similar tones. “The complete waiver of the corona protection regulations announced by Prime Minister Ramelow for Thuringia, and instead the sole use of personal responsibility and locally limited measures, I think is very early,” said the CDU politician WELT. “I would also have liked closer coordination with the federal government and the other countries. The desire to quickly return to normal is understandable, but also dangerous. The pandemic is not over. ”This was shown, for example, by the latest infections in a church in Frankfurt am Main as well of restaurant visitors in Leer, Lower Saxony.

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Restaurant visitors in Lower Saxony infected with coronavirus

In a restaurant in Lower Saxony, apparently several guests were infected with the corona virus. As a precaution, domestic quarantine was ordered for at least 50 people.

Germany had done well to proceed step by step in the easing. “Above all, the distance rules and wearing a mouth-and-nose cover, for example when visiting a supermarket, continue to make sense to me. The international comparison also shows that our path to date has been successful, ”says Frei. “Control over the infection process can quickly slip away again if we tackle the easing too briskly.” He also warned: “The organizational challenges, especially for the health authorities, to take localized measures against individual sources of infection are enormous. Only if the organizational prerequisites for effectively tracing individual infection chains have been created here, do I currently consider the complete waiver of the protective measures to be responsible. “

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The FDP faction, on the other hand, showed understanding for the Thuringian approach. If you put the “whole country into an artificial coma for too long,” “it can have devastating social and economic side effects,” said Vice Stephan Thomae. A second wave of infection could occur at any time. “If we want to wait until the danger is finally averted before the measures are relaxed, it can take a long time. If an infection event can be localized to individual districts, municipalities or even institutions, it would be disproportionate to impose a lockdown over the entire country from the North Sea to the Alps and from the Rhine to the Oder. “In contrast,” are precise measures to be preferred, however, this should be done according to uniform national rules.

The AfD in the Bundestag praised the actions of the red-red-green government in Erfurt – and presented itself as a source of ideas: “The AfD group welcomes the easing in Thuringia and once again states: AfD is working,” said parliamentary deputy Sebastian Munzenmaier .

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“Since mid-April we have been following the path now taken by the government in Thuringia, and both in the Bundestag and in the Thuringian state parliament we have clearly and unequivocally called for the shutdown to be ended immediately. Unfortunately, Mr. Ramelow is running six weeks behind our good ideas. ”The AfD believes in“ the responsibility of our people ”and is convinced that“ the current number of infections does not justify the incredibly tough measures ”.

The federal party and faction of the Greens and the Left Party did not want to comment on WELT’s request.

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