Criticism continues. Producer Gerasimov: “If not for Alla, there would be no Maxim!”

“Alla is doing the right thing by keeping quiet,” says the producer and continues: “Why would she say anything? She has not done anything criminal. Alla can afford to go to another country. In general, I think that Pugacheva should be given a “Citizen of the World” passport. She deserves it! And the fact that he is now being treated like a rag is unacceptable! Think about it! How much good this person has done for the country. And if she left, it means that such conditions have arisen.”

The producer added that the 46-year-old comedian owes a lot to his famous wife and offers a strange comparison of the pair. “Let’s decide right away: meatballs – separately, flies – separately.” Flies are Galkin, and meatballs are Alla. Galkin is a fly on Pugacheva’s body. And you don’t have to mix it up. I would think ten times if I were Alla. People like Maxim, who crawled out of nothing, are special. He must honor and worship Pugacheva. If not for her, Galkin would not exist. And he talks about him quite calmly! To say the least!” said Gerasimov.

As Gerasimov noted, Maxim should not be trusted one hundred percent, because anything can be expected from him.

“I do not understand this young man at all. I remember how he started: he was a quiet, modest and even shy boy. Then he started working with Zadornov, who did a lot for him. And what did Zadornov get as a result? Galkin stepped over him and went on. When Zadornov had an author’s concert in Moscow, he unexpectedly told him: “I will not work with you anymore.” Zadornov, of course, urgently found a replacement for him. The young man walked away from him. At that moment he met Pugachev,” the producer concluded.

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