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– She has been quite miserable in the summer NM, so I had to say it as it was, says speaker Henrik Jonassen with a laugh to NRK.

When Tiril Eckhoff was to go out on the sprint, she had her passport signed by the speaker at Voss.

“She has not won NM gold in six years. Then we can wonder what she has been doing for the last six years ».

– I had to fire her up a bit. It obviously lit her up. And Marte Olsbu Røiseland has seven NM golds, says Jonassen.

CRITICAL: Speaker Henrik Jonassen

Photo: Hans Henrik Bårtvedt / NRK

– I simply got to taste it before the start, Eckhoff answers.

– Does it trigger you?

– Yes, it did. Then I do not have a royal trophy, so it gave extra motivation.

– Annoyed?

– Yes a little. I get a little motivated to show what I can do, says Eckhoff.

Røiseland predicts conflict

The 30-year-old took the comment into the race and rushed off to a superb victory over Marte Olsbu Røiseland.

Both got two booms in standing, but Eckhoff won by 22 seconds in the end. Thus, she might have endured a penalty round more than Røiseland and still won.

By winter, both will be strong rivals on the track.

– I want to win the World Cup overall, which I dropped last year because I prioritize the World Cup. Maybe it will be a duel that Dorothea Wierer and Lisa Vittozzi have on the Italian national team. It would have been cool, says Røiseland.

– But they are not so good friends. Will there be tension between you and Tiril then?

– I do not think so, says Røiseland with a laugh.

– You were burned out by going to the World Cup in total two years ago. What indicates that you should do it now?

– I’m two years older, then. So I hope I have the routine to manage it, says Røiseland.

Røiseland and Eckhoff

WORLD CUP: Marte Olsbu Røiseland wants to win the World Cup overall for the winter. Then he has to beat Tiril Eckhoff, among other things.

Photo: Hans Henrik Bårtvedt / NRK

Do not care

At least Eckhoff showed proof that she can be the boss in the World Cup this winter. Previously, she lost the crystal ball at the finish line against Dorothea Wierer.

Eckhoff claims she is primarily thinking of beating the foreigners.

– Of course I cheer extra on myself. Marte does the same, but in the end it is the foreigners we are going to beat, says Eckhoff.

In the men’s class, Sivert Guttorm Bakken from Vingrom won Saturday’s sprint ahead of Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen and Erlend Bjøntegaard. Johannes Thingnes Bø was number six, while big brother Tarjei was number eight.

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