Critical mask warning from the Scientific Committee member! Do not do this!

Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee member and Gazi University Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Contact Hasan directlystated that masks that are mandatory to wear within the scope of coronavirus measures can now be taken comfortably in any environment. Noting that it is pleasing that masks are cheaper and their production has increased, Prof. Dr. Tezer, “However, we need to be careful because every medical mask it doesn’t protect us. The fact that it has 3 layers does not always protect us. Because the outer layers of both layers actually have a normal cloth structure. There is a structure in the middle that also sees a filter inside. If this filter does not have a structure or if it is not made to function, its protection will decrease, it will not protect you. After all, the mask does not protect us 100 percent. If we continue our conversations, if we do not follow the distance rule and this period lasts longer than 15 minutes, if both sides have masks, it will be inevitable again. The mask alone is not enough, distance and hygiene rules also come into play. They also need to be applied, “he said.

Prof. Dr. Tezer, by cutting one of them in the middle with scissors and proposing to evaluate the layer that acts as a filter in the middle, said, “Can they easily tear, how can they evaluate this filter structure. If the filter is a mask with good filter structure, it will not tear anyway. You can look at the part in the middle of the two diapers, “We can evaluate the quality of our mask ourselves.”



Prof. Dr. Stating that the masks are disposable, Tezer said, “You will throw them away when they get dirty or wet. We hear that there are people who wear the same mask for 3 days, put it aside at home and put it back on the next day. There is no such thing. The use of masks is not 2-3 days, 3-4 If you are in a busy environment such as a hospital, you have to throw it away immediately after you come home after you leave the hospital. You have entered a crowded place, you have come home, you have to throw it again. The outer surfaces of the masks are the most exposed surfaces of the virus. , Cough mask will protect you, but the virus will remain on the surface, “he said.



Prof. Dr. Tezer also touched on the Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) code and fever measurements, which are mandatory in many areas within the scope of coronavirus measures. Stating that the HES code was beneficial in this period, Tezer said:

“We have seen the benefits of the HES code, but the main thing here is for the citizens to pay attention to the rules. Citizens also have a lot of work to do. In the coming days, we will see how useful these rules will work, although there will be more indoor areas with the weather getting colder. Looking at it will not detect 100 percent of the virus. But even if you can’t, you can catch at least 30 percent. So you can catch 30 people out of 100. This is not a small number. Citizens have a job here. Especially for children or if people measure their temperature at home. “It is the practice we have always said from the beginning that we never go out on the streets if you have a fever. But what we want is for those who do not need to go out and isolate themselves in their homes.”



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