Critic Kim Gap-soo Provides Insights on the Conflict with Group Fifty Fifty and their Agency

Critic Kim Gap-soo Provides Insights on the Conflict with Group Fifty Fifty and their Agency

Correspondent Cha Yoo-chae, Money Today | 2023.07.12 19:23

Group Fifty Fifty / Photo = Money Today DB Culture critic Kim Gap-soo took a sharp turn against the group Fifty Fifty (Saena, Aran, Kina, Shio), who are in conflict with their agency.

Kim Gap-soo and broadcaster Heo Jae-moo appeared as guests in the ‘midday hawker enter’ corner of the podcast ‘Jeong Young-jin Choi Wook’s Mae-bul Show’, which aired on the 11th.

On this day, in the ‘Midnight Mercy Enter’ corner, the Fifty Fifty incident was dealt with. Earlier, Fifty Fifty, which was called the ‘Miracle of Small and Medium’, filed an application for a provisional injunction to suspend the exclusive contract against the agency Attract.

They pointed out that the agency violated the obligation to provide settlement data and the obligation to manage physical and mental health, and lacked the ability to support human and material resources.

However, the Attract side countered that Dugibus CEO Ahn Seong-il tried to sell Fifty Fifty to outside forces.

Group FIFTY FIFTY / Photo = Money Today DB In response, Choi Wook expressed his opinion, “The members and CEO Ahn Seong-il were very stupid.”

Upon hearing this, Kim Kap-soo said, “It’s not stupid, it seems to have gone bankrupt.” “It’s difficult to recover the image once a scratch has occurred. There are many. I don’t think it will be easy.”

He said, “The amount of coverage is beyond imagination. There is a lot of media, but there is also a lot of YouTube.” He said, “When I think about why it caused such a big social stir, I feel betrayed by the narrative. (Fifty Fifty) grew up in a difficult environment and became a world-class star. We saw what happened,” he said.

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Choi Wook also pointed out, “Isn’t the (success) story better than BTS (BTS)?

Kim Gap-soo said, “As expectations were broken and the other side was uncovered, the reaction came out saying, ‘There is a degree of betrayal, but isn’t it too much? It’s okay, but what kind of settlement is it? I touched something I shouldn’t have touched.”

He added, “Even if (Fifty Fifty) achieved results on Billboard, it will be difficult because (the second season) is not an irreplaceable resource.”

On the other hand, Fifty Fifty received great attention by entering the US Billboard’s main single chart ‘Hot 100’ in the shortest period among K-pop groups with ‘Cupid’.

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