Cristina Kirchner gave the ok to the Chinese Communist Party for a megaproject

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Less than a week ago, NOTICIAS carried on its cover the phenomenon that, if it weren’t for the pandemic, would be one of the big news of the year. “Argenchina”, It was the title of that edition, where it was told how the government of Alberto Fernández and the entire Argentine economy strengthened its link with China, which since April, and for the first time in history, became our main commercial partner. To this a new chapter was added today: Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner gave the endorsement to the Communist Party of the Asian giant to advance in a megaproject. They are the new carnal relationships.

In a meeting that they headed yesterday Jose Luis Gioja, the president of the PJ, and the head of the International department of the CP of China, Song Tao, confirmed the news. It was the third virtual conference organized by both parties, and in the latter Senator Jorge Taiana, responsible for international relations of the PJ, told the news: he had spoken with the Vice President, and she had given the endorsement for Argentina to join the Silk Road, China‘s most ambitious project with which they plan to incorporate a part of the world into their international trade. Almost at midnight Taiana said that “She manifested her will to advance the signing of the agreements to be part of the initiative promoted by President Xi Jinping. “

The meeting was also attended by the secretary of the Argentine embassy in China, Sabino Vaca Narvaja -which has been silently working to make this project come true for some time-, and the Secretary of International Relations of the Ministry of Defense, Francisco Cafiero, in addition to almost a hundred political leaders from both countries and businessmen such as Esteban Turic, the president of Biogénsis Bagó -company where Hugo Sigman, the Argentinean who is developing the Covid vaccine in this country- has the majority of shares.

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