Cristiano Ronaldo would have offered himself to Barça

The world of football goes around a lot and you never know what might happen in the future. Who would have told Luis Figo while celebrating his victories with FC Barcelona that he would end up becoming one of the great emblems of Real Madrid from ‘Los Galacticos’. Or well, who would have thought that Luis Enrique he would leave the white team in his day to end up being captain and idol at the Camp Nou.

Perhaps because of all this there are so many players who say the classic phrase “in the future nobody knows what may happen”. One of the footballers who made this expression his own during his time at Madrid was Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese, despite being the great star, the top scorer and probably the greatest legend in the history of the merengue club, He never got too ‘wet’ about his future and where he might or might not play if he left the Santiago Bernabéu.

Taking this into account, the surprising information that Guillem Balagué has given on ‘BBC Radio 5 Live Sport‘ may not be as surprising as it seems. The Catalan journalist has assured that the forward would have given Jorge Mendes directions to find him a new team. The attacker has not taken well the second consecutive elimination in the Champions League and could want to change of scene and face new challenges.

The well-known representative would have been quick to call several level clubs. Among all of them would be Barça, which the Portuguese would not rule out as a possible destination. Despite the eternal rivalry between Madrid and the Barcelona team, It seems that Cristiano would not mind betraying the Madridistas by dressing in the Barça shirt. However, from that possibility to finally happening goes a long and very stony road. The one from Madeira is earning about 23 million euros per year and it is practically impossible for the Catalans to pay that in a context of crisis like the current one.

In fact, the information says that no team may be able to pay what CR7 would ask for a salary. The only one who might have a choice is Paris Saint-Germain, with whom Mendes would also have contacted. The Parisians have had the international for Portugal between their eyebrows for years and now they would have a real chance of taking him. However, the coronavirus has also damaged the economy of the French and it is possible that even they will not be able to cope with such an operation.

Cristiano could also end up in MLS

Ronaldo’s representative He would also have contacted MLS clubs, that if they could approach that salary. The problem is that crossing the pond would end the Portuguese’s career in the elite, something that does not fit with how he is. The former Madrid player went to Juve to triumph in Italy, as he already did in England and Spain. His goal was to conquer his sixth Champions League to enlarge his legend, something he could not do if he went to the United States.

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