Cristiano Ronaldo receives a severe blow to the nose

Cristiano Ronaldo played a new game with the soccer team of Portugal. The team from the Iberian Peninsula defeated the Czech Republic for a resounding blow (0-4). However, the party’s image was different. And is that Cristiano Ronaldo received a very hard blow to the face that left the Portuguese lying on the ground and with a rather chilling buttonhole near the nose. It didn’t take long before medical assistance came out to assist the former Real Madrid player who immediately complained of the blow with obvious signs of pain.

The goalkeeper punched Cristiano Ronaldo in the face

A few minutes had passed in the first half when the forward of the Portuguese national team tried to finish on a centered ball that had been rejected by the Czech Republic goalkeeper, It’s important. After avoiding the dangerous situation, however, the goalkeeper’s arm ended up hitting Cristiano Ronaldo’s nose, causing a rather bulky buttonhole from which blood began to leak. Both teams were concerned with the physical condition of the player who had to leave the field to stop the bleeding. So that, the player was able to continue his game until the end of the match to contribute to the victory of his team even if he did not score a goal in the 90 minutes.

Cristiano continues to play for Manchester United despite trying to leave the club

On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo was also one of the market names of last summer, since the Manchester United footballer asked leaving the team to compete for a club playing in the UEFA Champions League . And is that, this season, Cristiano Ronaldo’s team is playing in the Europa League due to the bad campaign that the Red Devils have had. Finally, the striker did not find a new team and had to stay in Manchester without being able to compete to win the title of his favorite club, the Champions League.

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