Cristiano Ronaldo joins the Tik Tok fever and does a dance that goes viral

Cristiano Ronaldo performs Tik Tok for the first time and is all the rage. (Photo: Capture)

Cristiano Ronaldo as they had never seen. The Portuguese striker, accustomed to looking serious and being one of the most focused in each of his matches, has joined the world of Only Tok and performed a dance with their relatives.

In your relative’s user, @aliciab99, It can be seen approx. 148.7K likes, 4733 comments, 16.5K saves and 14.6K shares. These numbers are still growing. There is no doubt that Cristiano came to this new social network and has become viral in a matter of seconds.

Cristiano Ronaldo goes viral on Tik Tok. (Video: Tik Tok)

It’s hard to see ‘CR7’ more uninhibited due to his professional way of being, but together with his family he has shown that he is an excellent dancer.

Cristiano goes out dancing with his son, Cristiano Ronaldo Juniorand other relatives, ‘CR7’ has moved his body to the rhythm of a catchy song.

The ex-scorer of Real Madrid and the Juventus He demonstrates in said video that he does not get lost in any step of the catchy song. Arms, hips and legs were the parts of the body that he and his companions move in the video that has already gone viral.

The now attacker of the Manchester United, nothing goes wrong and now it has become viral on the Tik Tok social network. Millions of people have already liked him and highlight his ability to dance as the captain of the Portuguese team.

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The popular ‘Comandante’ shows that he has been practicing the steps of that choreography. Both he and his family are spending the holidays in Mallorcaone of the footballer’s favorite places in recent years.

It should be noted that the Portuguese striker has not only been in the news for his incredible dance, but also for an accident suffered by one of his workers. This employee hit a Bugatti Veyron of a million and a half euros y more than 1,000 horses of power, fortunately the Portuguese was not in the car.

This is Cristiano Ronaldo's luxurious car that suffered an accident.  (Photo: Mallorca Newspaper)
This is Cristiano Ronaldo’s luxurious car that suffered an accident. (Photo: Mallorca Newspaper)

Cristiano Ronaldo returned with great fanfare to the Manchester United. Despite being one of the team’s most outstanding players, the rest of his teammates have not been able to get the popular English club to the highest positions in the league. Premier League.

It must be remembered that the Portuguese was the scorer for the ‘Red Devils’ in the English championship, with 18 goals in total; while in the Champions League got six celebrations in seven games.

That is why various teams of Europa They want to get the world star’s scoring quota. One of those clubs is the Roma of Jose Mourinhothis could be that Cristiano returns to the A league after passing through the Juventus. Where he played for three years winning two Serie A titles, one Italian Cup and two Italian Super Cups.

It must be remembered that both Mourinho and the Portuguese have been together in the Real Madrid from the 2010 to 2013 season. The Portuguese strategist already knows what it’s like to manage a player like his compatriot, the two could achieve excellent things together.

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The other frame is Sporting Lisboaclub in which he debuted Cristiano and of which his mother is a fan, he would also be interested in getting his services. The 37-year-old striker could return to the club where he was born and, perhaps, use it as his last team as a professional footballer.

The 'Comandante' could leave Manchester United as he has proposals from other European clubs.  (Photo: Internet)
The ‘Comandante’ could leave Manchester United as he has proposals from other European clubs. (Photo: Internet)


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