Cristiano Ronaldo defends Andy Ruiz when mocked for his weight

Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo He said he admired boxer Andy Ruiz and even defended him because he was overweight. All this was known in a documentary made by the company DAZN.

Andy Ruiz is a boxer with Mexican roots, who managed to surprise in June 2019 by beating Anthony Joshua, winning the heavyweight championship of the World Boxing Organization, the World Boxing Association and the International Boxing Federation.

After winning and becoming the first absolute world champion in the heavyweight category, Andy Ruiz and Joshua they met again in December 2019, where Andy Ruiz failed to retain his championships after losing by unanimous decision.

The quality of Andy Ruiz was seen by Cristiano Ronaldo, who stressed that Andy Ruiz is good and that beyond his physique, he showed he had something to face challenges with.

“Joshua is one of the best, but Ruiz is good. That’s what I used to talk about with my friends, because they made fun of me and told me to look at Ruiz’s fat body. I would tell them ‘listen, the body doesn’t matter. What matters is the preparation ”.

Boxer Andy Ruiz He thus has these words from Cristiano Ronaldo, as motivation to face the commitments that may be given in 2021, in which he will surely return to the national and international boxing scene.

Andy Ruiz loses weight while working with Eddy Reynoso

The boxer Andy Ruiz, joined the working group headed by Eddy reynoso, they manage to regain discipline in sports, which resulted in the loss of 9 kilos.

Losing weight for a guy of his size is a real benefit, because it could be faster when facing a fight, further enhancing his undeniable strength, with which he left on the canvas in 2019 Anthony Joshua.

“Working hard preparing for whoever is next. Thank God we are on the right track. It’s hard. I’ve never done this in my entire life. I never lifted weights, I never had a physical trainer like them. It’s time to execute, it’s time to get it back, it’s time to work hard ”, Andy Ruiz said on his Instagram.

Andy Ruiz will have to abide by all my rules: Eddy Reynoso



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