Cristian Gonzales problems at RANS FC and relationship with Raffi Ahmad


The story this time comes from Cristian Gonzalez. The senior footballer was temporarily out of RANS Nusantara FC and anchored with PSIM Yogyakarta.

There is apparently a controversial story behind the departure of Cristian Gonzales from RANS Nusantara FC which is known to belong to Raffi Ahmad. The player’s family said that someone had slandered him and dragged his family away.

“A person whose words really hurt me, and it was in front of my eyes, until my son cried,” said Eva Gonzales, Cristian’s wife, when he met her at Trans TV Studio, Tendean, South Jakarta.

“The words slandered me, defamed the name of Gonzales. I also listened to his conversations when he insulted our family, I kept them all,” continued Cristian’s wife.

Due to slander and defamation, Cristian Gonzales’ son was also affected. They are called crying for this.

“In Jakarta I cried a lot, for the past six months I’ve been sitting, reminiscing and looking at photos of my friends, ‘Why are you like this?’ I never discovered people, but my friends gave it to me, until I shook, I was down, until at that moment I passed out” said Eva Gonzales.

Eva even went to the hospital due to false accusations which, according to her, did not actually come from the RANS team.

“Yesterday I wasn’t strong for six months, I went to the hospital. But I’m already strong, because Allah gives the best,” he added.

Eva Gonzales said there were happy parties that her husband had moved from the club. She didn’t expect it, even though it was Cristian Gonzales who helped the team enter the Indonesian League 1.

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“I’ll never forget, we knocked on the lent hammer in Yogya, I was on the plane and my son caught (a post) ‘Finally gone too’. That’s what I love,” Eva Gonzales explained.

Six months have passed since the accident, now Eva Gonzales admits that her life is back to normal.

“But it’s okay, everything is getting better, the children went to school regularly, Alhamdulillah, everyone,” he explained.

Eva said she and her husband had not spoken to Raffi Ahmad about this matter. According to him, there are things that need to be prepared and she stressed that there is no problem with Raffi Ahmad personally.

“And also, I didn’t say anything to A Raffi. I’m waiting for a good moment, because actually we are comfortable in that team, in Jakarta,” Eva told Transmedia, South Jakarta.

The footballer, nicknamed El Loco, also initially did not know what his wife was experiencing. Cristian Gonzales’ wife stressed that there was only one person who hurt him deeply.

Eva pointed out that Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina were very good with their families.

“A Raffi really helped my family. A Raffi, Miss Nagita, was extraordinary, an extraordinary person,” praised Cristian Gonzales’ wife.

“But just one, there’s one person whose words really hurt us all,” she said.

Watch a videoCristian Gonzales asks to retire from RANS Nusantara FC for being slandered
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