Cristian Castro closes his Instagram, accused of mistreatment of women

Mexico.- Cristian castro seemed to start 2021, happy and with a new love, which he featured in his profile of Instagram, which had to close after receiving dozens of accusations from other women.

After announcing on this social network how happy he was, dozens of girls publicly denounced him for abuse, as a warning to his new girlfriend, Maite.

Several women shared their negative experiences with the singer, posted WhatsApp conversations and audios to prove it.

They created an Instagram account to post their evidence against Cristian Castro.

They claimed to have been victims of deception, manipulation, psychological and verbal abuse by the son of Verónica Castro. They reported that it always started out as a romance, but over the weeks it turned into hell.

The singer has not made any statement about it but has closed his Instagram account.

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Cristian Castro’s marital failures are public: Uruguayan Gabriela Bo, with whom he has not been married for six months, Argentine lawyer Valeria Liberman, mother of two of his children, and concert singer Carol Victoria Urbán , who filed for divorce for a month. after marriage.

The “Gallito Feliz” has three children and it is rumored that he will soon become a father for the fourth time.

During the pandemic, he made unfortunate statements to the press, like admitting he was out of control and hadn’t been a good father.

Last June, before her grandmother died, here is what she said:

“We have a lot of ‘possessiveness’. I feel that my mother is mine, she feels that I am hers. The same with my grandmother and my aunt. That’s how I treated them and that’s how they treated me.

It’s a family that stood out because of that, and for that reason we were selfish with the couples who arrived, we were a bit sour and unfortunately we didn’t stand out by being gentle with other couples ” .


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