Crisis and restart, the 40 billion maneuver arrives – Economy


Another 40 billion are arriving to counter the effects of the pandemic. The 2021 maneuver, just approved ‘subject to agreements’ by the council of ministers, but which will probably take another ten days to see the light in the full article, will once again contain measures to deal with the coronavirus emergency, to limit its impact on the world of production and work, to strengthen and secure health care and at the same time to stimulate the restart of the country.
Extension of the Covid redundancy fund and consequent blocking of layoffs for those who use it, extension of the tax reduction in the South for 5.7 billion and of the tax credit for investments in the South for another billion, extension of guarantees for businesses, support for workers and sectors most affected, are just some of the interventions that will be ‘duplicated’ starting from January 1st. From July, the single allowance for children will start, which – also intended for the self-employed and incapable – will replace and enrich the deductions for dependent children and the current bonuses in favor of mothers and children. The allowance will be added on the tax front to the reliefs for hiring young people under 35 and to the refinancing of the wedge cut, or the so-called 100 euros in the paycheck, which from January, with an additional outlay for the State of about 1, 8 billion, will also become structural for income from 28,000 to 40,000 euros.
Another extension, but this time via decree, will instead be immediately operational for the moratorium on collection.
The activity of agents on old and new files and on foreclosures will not resume in these days as expected, but will remain suspended until the end of the year. A measure loudly requested by companies and taxpayers and that M5S and Italia Viva are competing to make their name. Iv seems to have checked it during the night also on the six-month postponement of the entry into force of plastic and sugar tax, measures whose overall weight on the maneuver appears today almost negligible, but which the party – even threatening the rest of the majority the Draft Budgetary Document to be sent to Brussels – politically claim it as a victory. The Movement, on the other hand, has on its side the establishment of the so-called ‘Covid Fund’: a 4 billion loan to be drawn on gradually to support the sectors most affected by the consequences of the epidemic. And to support employment in the culture and cinema sector comes an ad hoc allocation of 600 million a year.
The same allocation is also made for healthcare, to which another 4 billion euros are allocated to confirm the 30,000 doctors and nurses hired on a fixed-term basis for the emergency period also for 2021. To protect the health of all against the disease, a 400 million euro fund is also introduced for the purchase of vaccines and the endowment of the National Health Fund is also increased by one billion euro.
In the school world, the recruitment of 25,000 support teachers is financed with 1.2 billion euros when fully operational and 1.5 billion euros are allocated for school construction. After the controversy of the last few days on the spread of the infection on board buses and metro, 350 million are also provided in favor of Regions and Municipalities to strengthen local public transport, with particular attention to school. Finally, 600 million are earmarked to support employment in the cinema and culture sectors.



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