Criminal Court. Neighborhood conflict: a seven-month ITT “without knocking”

Court of Rome, December 4, 2017. A patrol called for a fight discovers a man on the ground in a building. A resident who presents, medical expertise will attest, head trauma, facial, hand, left hip functional thanks to a prosthesis.

The victim explains to investigators that there were mutual insults with his neighbor. A witness said he saw the latter about to kick him while the victim was on the ground. The fall occurred after the respondent pushed her. “It happened in a fraction of a second.” The injured person ultimately fell down the stairs.

Reminder to the address of the accused by President Alexandre Gantois, about the precise unfolding of the facts, still presenting gray areas. And about the criminal record of the father, acting, mixing theft, drugs and violence with a weapon. ” The past. The victim has since moved. And the judicial time has come to an end. The court declared the respondent guilty of the acts of violence. And sentenced him to six months in prison with full probationary suspension for two years, to which are added the compensation of the civil party (to be quantified later) and not to come into contact with her.

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