Crimean Senator Kovitidi: “After reunification with Russia, people expected that the clubs would be included in the RFU – it is the 9th year. We can no longer look up to FIFA and UEFA” – Football

The senator from Crimea called on the RFU to include the clubs of the region in the union.

Senator from the Republic of Crimea, member of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building Olga Kovitidi considers such a step a necessity.

“I firmly believe that sport should be out of politics. We, Crimeans, love football, we have unique climatic conditions that allow us to play sports, and football in particular, all year round. Football is traditionally a favorite sport [спорта] for the Crimeans, and after reunification with Russia, people here expected the teams to be included in the RFU. But it’s already the ninth year, and we’re out of a single football family.

We endured and understood that the inclusion of our clubs could have a painful impact on the RFU, but now, after February 24, it has become obvious that it is not worth focusing on the European community.

Today, Crimean football teams should be included in the RFU, be present in RPL, First and Second leagues. We can no longer equal FIFA and UEFAwho gave Russian football a black mark. They don’t see us anywhere, in any of their competitions,” Kovitidi said.

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