Crimea broke the record for coronavirus infections

Photo: RFE / RL

The situation with the coronavirus in Crimea

In total, 87,646 cases of COVID-19 infection were registered on the peninsula annexed by Russia.

The annexed Crimea broke the record for the number of coronavirus infections detected per day. This was reported on October 17 on the website of the local Ministry of Health, introduced by the Russian authorities.

So, on October 16, 586 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected on the territory of Crimea – a record daily number. A total of 87,646 cases were recorded on the peninsula.

Russia, which annexed the peninsula, also broke its record with 34,303 new cases of COVID-19, the highest since the start of the pandemic.

According to official data, the total number of sick Russians has reached 7,992,687. Over the past day, 997 people died from the infection, and over the entire observation period – 223 312 people.

The data of the Russian authorities in Crimea on the incidence of COVID-19 has not been confirmed by international organizations and other independent sources.

Human rights activists argue that these statistics are significantly underestimated, since they do not reflect many important factors, including infections among the Russian military and special services.

In Ukraine, over the past day, 11,288 cases of coronavirus infection COVID-19, more than two hundred patients have died.

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