Crime scene today: Black box police call from Magdeburg

“Police call” from Magdeburg
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A “police call” from Magdeburg is the last case before the summer break. “Black Box” is a very good and double psychodrama – with a perpetrator and a detective in a state of emergency.

When chief inspector Doreen Brasch (Claudia Michelsen) arrives at the crime scene, her colleague makes it clear to her. “It’ll take a week.” Not longer. Everything seems clear: Adam Dahl (Eloi Christ) is covered in blood and has killed Christof Oschmann with an emergency hammer after he has sat down with Adam and his friend in the compartment. In the interrogation, the young man also admits the crime. “But you don’t know why?” asks Brasch. “I can not remember. Something is wrong,” Adam replies. “There’s a hole in my head.” Cotton, nothing. He’s slowly disappearing, he fears.

In the “police call” case “Black Box” it is not enough for Brasch to have found the person responsible for the bloody deed, she wants to understand what and why it happened. Especially when Adam’s parents, an ex-LKA director and a renowned psychologist, put pressure on her because Adam allegedly acted in self-defense. She should prove that. But the inspector, who suffers from mental health problems even after being attacked, believes that Adam repressed a trauma that erupted in the train compartment.

It’s great to see how Claudia Michelsen plays this tortured investigator, how she alternates between deepest desperation and supposedly serene professionalism. Again and again, director Ute Wieland incorporates scenes from the case of “The Condemned” (2020), in which a murderous couple finally took control of Brasch. Since then, she has been sleeping on the floor, cannot stand closed doors and is on the verge of collapse. At the beginning of the new case, she has to testify against her tormentors in court. And even the stress-resistant commissioner has to admit that she has memory gaps about the act in which she was the victim. Perhaps because of this inner connection, Adam and his friend Tomi build trust with her.

Adam even undergoes hypnosis. Tomi, who witnessed the deadly attack, describes how Adam called out “Kaspar” and felt mortal. The suspect draws fences on hundreds of sheets of paper. What do they mean? The investigator, whose boss Uwe Lemp (Felix Vörtler) is breathing down her neck, delves into the family’s past. Adam’s parents torpedo everything the cop plans to do. At the Dahls’ former place of residence, she comes across a dead prostitute and a child’s body that was found years ago and has still not been identified. She feels: The key to this case lies in the history of the family.

“Black Box” is a double psychodrama, Michelsen and Eloi Christ as Adam actors convince, screenplay and staging keep the suspense until the end. With this “police call” the Sunday thriller in the first part says goodbye to the summer break. The time without new thrillers then lasts about eight weeks – until the end of August. But there will also be a kind of winter break due to the World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year. The teams from Bremen, Kiel, Saarbrücken and Franconia as well as the investigators Falke and Grosz (NDR) will not see each other again until 2023. Dortmund will also only be able to see the first case after the departure of actress Anna Schudt aka Martina Bönisch in the coming year.

Police Call 110 – Black Box”The First, Sun., 8.15 p.m

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