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Until recently, blood-curdling events took place behind the already sealed door. According to the people living in the area, on the fateful day, the guests gathered in a private house, because a family holiday was celebrated, namely the daughter’s birthday.

The party was fun until the evening, until it was disturbed by a man who came to the house unexpectedly. It was the hostess’ ex-husband and jubilee father.

“There was a party. With alcohol, naturally. There was company. We didn’t know what happened. We thought they were arguing with each other, namely in their company, but say he came. He’s an ex-husband, they’re divorced,” he knows. tells a local.

Neighbors say the man’s visit brought a bloody massacre. An ax was taken from the auxiliary room of the house. The uninvited guest used it to attack his ex-wife and her new friend.

With a cold weapon, the attacker repeatedly hit his opponent’s head, fatally injuring him, but the woman was seriously injured with the same object.

“Upon the police’s immediate arrival at the scene, in Olaine municipality, Olaine parish, in the village of Vaivadi, it was found that the body of an unidentified man with a dull head injury was found on a sofa in a private house and a woman born in 1980 was lying unconscious on the floor. he was taken to a medical institution in a serious condition, “points out Gatis Garjāns, Deputy Chief of Division 1 of the State Police RRP Bureau 1.

In order to detain the killer as soon as possible, the police mobilized considerable forces. Law enforcement officers conducted a search operation both in Olaine region and in Riga and detained the possible criminal directly in the capital.

Neighbors say that the suspected man, along with the injured woman, has two children who lived apart – one with his mother, the other with his father.

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“They divorced in the summer. He once came here, complained about him. He had installed video surveillance cameras at home and saw something in them that was incompatible with future cohabitation. He was so calm and balanced at all. Maybe he loved him so much, I don’t know. “She took great care of her children. There were no questions, she took great care of her. But she had problems because of alcohol and” friends “.

It is known that currently a woman’s health condition is still assessed as serious and her life is being fought for by doctors.

Police officers continue active investigations within the framework of the initiated criminal proceedings. A detainee is threatened with life imprisonment for murder and intentional grievous bodily harm.

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