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Berlin (dpa / bb) – Although the majority of the Berlin Senate is against video surveillance of public places, almost all state-owned and affiliated companies have been using surveillance cameras intensively for many years. Of 21 companies, 18 rely on cameras to protect buildings and facilities, according to a response from the Senate to a left-wing inquiry. Some companies only film at one location, others have hundreds of cameras. With more than 20,000 cameras in train stations, subways and buses, the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe BVG is likely to be at the forefront.

But the housing company Gesobau also specifies 291 locations for video surveillance, Gewobag has 145 locations, Degewo 114 locations. The hospital group Vivantes monitors all clinics, the airport company monitors the terminals, airport operations and barriers. There are also cameras in the Britzer Garten and in the Gardens of the World, at swimming pools and on the exhibition grounds.

Almost all companies spoke of preventing theft, vandalism, property protection and the prosecution of criminal offenses. In addition, the cameras film access controls at the entrances and exits to company premises, monitor construction sites and are intended to increase the security of security guards.

The real estate company Howoge writes that video surveillance serves to increase the quality of living by preventing damage and theft, parties in emergency stairwells, graffiti, illegal waste disposal and the like.

Some of the recordings are not saved at all, but some are also saved for 24 hours, 48 ​​hours, 72 hours, 3, 5, 6 or even 7 days. According to the answers, data protection provisions were complied with at almost all locations. Only in a few places did the information on signs have to be made more visible.

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