Crime around the world … Thieves robbing a bank in Argentina and ordering “pizza” for the hostages

Thieves, but a nice one, a sentence embodied in all its meanings in the robbing of the bank “Rio” in Argentina, after 8 gunmen stormed the bank to steal it, but what no one expected happened.

The thieves kept holding the hostages for 7 hours, and despite the police cordoning off the place, the thieves did not feel any fear, and what helped them in this was that they comforted the hostages, but no one imagined that their thinking would lead to ordering a meal of pizza and soda for the hostages. The police cordoned off the place, and were introduced to the hostages, and some thieves even allowed the hostages, to use their mobile phones, to check on their families, with the aim of keeping the hostages not disturbed, and not making attempts to escape so that the thieves could rob the bank.

The police waited for the gunmen to come out, but to no avail, so they decided to break into the bank to arrest the thieves and release the hostages, but when they entered the bank, they found the hostages without the armed men.

The police discovered that the weapons, which were with the thieves, were “play weapons” and that A.Gang member I managed to escape, through a hole in the bank wall leading to the sewage.

The gang members managed to steal the money and escape through that tunnel, but unfortunately for them, the end was not happy, after the wife of one of them told her when he told her about the robbery in which he participated, which caused all of them to be arrested.


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