Crema, Sabrina Beccalli’s friend doesn’t talk, she looks for the body

The place indicated by Pasini where the body of Sabrina (Rastelli) is being searched

Pasini, on Friday afternoon, to the investigating judge Giulia Masci and to the prosecutor Roberto Pellicano admitted that he had been on board Sabrina’s car, a red Fiat Panda found charred on the evening of August 15th, and to have met the 39-year-old. But, then, nothing else. Meanwhile, the search for the body continues: while the 45-year-old was being interrogated, the investigators began to dig near a canal and a sewage tank, which later turned out to be empty, in the countryside of Vergonzana, a hamlet of Crema two kilometers from the neighborhood. San Bernardino, not far from the place where the burnt car was found.

Meanwhile, on Friday morning the Ris di Parma searched and looked for evidence in the house of the 45-year-old’s historic ex-girlfriend, which would seem unrelated to the tragedy. Initially it was thought that the only two houses subjected to the attention of the military were that of Sabrina and Pasini himself: it remains to be seen whether this unexpected decision has served to discover a detail or a particular that may have cornered the man. accused of the crime.

21 August 2020 | 16:50


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