Creatures That Live in Hell’s Wells After Experts Arrive at the Bottom

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Oman Cave Exploration (OCET) researchers managed to become the first humans on Earth to reach the bottom Hell’s Well and find a number of living beings inside Barhout Well in Yemen.

The Well of Hell or the Well of Barhout is located near Yemen’s border with Oman in the eastern province of Al-Mahra. It is a mysterious place that has long been the subject of many mythologies and folklore.

Eight of the ten people on the OCET exploration team had reached the bottom of exploring the Barhout Well using a pulley system that lowered eight members down while the remaining two remained on top.

Dead animal

When they arrived at the bottom of the cave, the team did not only explore, the team also collected water, rock and soil samples as well as some dead animals.

“We collected samples of water, rock, soil and some dead animals but haven’t analyzed them yet,” said Mohammed al-Kindi, a professor of geology at the German University of Technology in Oman who was part of the OCET team.

Creatures that live in the Well of Hell

Through folk tales circulating, it is stated that the Well of Hell is a prison for demons and jinn. This is because residents say that a strange smell often appears from the well.

However, the researchers reported seeing snakes, frogs and beetles in the cave system. In addition there are some dead animals, especially a bird that seems to have fallen in the hole.

“They [ular] breed when there are no predators to eat them. That’s normal,” said Al-Kindi.

Further scientists say the birds can still fly in and out of the hole. Even though the sun’s rays are said to be unable to enter all parts of the hole. When observing from the edge of the well, only a little can be seen.

Other Finds in Hell’s Well: Fresh Water, Cave Pearls




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