“Creator of the SteamWorld Series Acknowledges Upset Over Closure of 3DS eShop”

SteamWorld series creator, Brjann Sigurgeirsson recently expressed his disappointment over the closure of the Nintendo 3DS eShop. In an industry where digital distribution platforms are becoming increasingly popular, the 3DS eShop was a long-standing marketplace for numerous indie games – the SteamWorld series being one of them. As the end of an era approaches, Sigurgeirsson sheds some light on how the 3DS eShop has impacted the success of SteamWorld and the indie gaming community as a whole.

The closure of the 3DS eShop by Nintendo has been a disappointment for game makers and publishers, including the creator of the SteamWorld series, Brjann Sigurgeirsson. In a recent conversation with Kit & Krysta, he expressed sadness over the 3DS owners losing access to the original SteamWorld: Tower Defense title from 2010. While Sigurgeirsson and his team have considered creating a Nintendo Switch version or something similar, other ongoing projects are currently taking priority, leaving no time for such a development. Although a port of the DSiWare exclusive may not be in the works anytime soon, Sigurgeirsson expressed enthusiasm for such a project to be considered in the future. While the ability to purchase games from the 3DS eShop has officially ended, code redemption has been reopened until April. Readers are invited to comment on their experience of losing access to certain 3DS eShop titles.

In the end, the closure of the 3DS eShop is just another step in the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry. While it may be upsetting for some, it’s important to remember that the SteamWorld series and its creator, Image & Form, continue to find success on other platforms. As the world of gaming continues to change and grow, we can look forward to seeing what new and exciting adventures await us in the world of SteamWorld. So, while it may be the end of an era, it’s also the beginning of a new chapter in the franchise’s journey. We can’t wait to see where it goes next!

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