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Creative solutions for returning to sport in the spotlight

Lina Simons (Image: Private)

Unfortunately, the sports gala cannot take place in the classic form in 2021. As an alternative, there will be a discussion in the St. Vither triangle. There are representatives of the sports sector who talk about the sporting year 2020, but also about perspectives for the future.

Since no athletes will be honored this year, the focus this time is on creative solutions. “That’s why we turn to the population and ask them to submit their creative ideas,” says Lina Simons from the leading association of East Belgian Sport. “This can be submitted by top athletes, amateur athletes, but also by individuals or companies – with ideas such as flash mobs, online training, alternative competitions or challenges.”

“We want to show that initiatives are being put into place even during the crisis – and we want sport in the DG to have the courage to speak up,” explains Simons.

A few applications have already been sent to the leading association: “We had contacted various clubs, but I think there are still initiatives that we hadn’t heard of,” says Lina Simons. “We would like to put these people in the spotlight now.” People who found their way to sport during the crisis can also be there.

You can send a description of your activity to [email protected] by January 27th. Photos and videos are also welcome.

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