Create an ephemeral email address, on your iPhone or iPad, ideal against spam!

With the iOS 15 update, Apple introduces a new feature on iPhone and iPad that allows us to create ephemeral email addresses. This is ideal for registering on sites without being inundated with messages on our mailbox afterwards. The catch is that you have to have a paid subscription to iCloud.

Apple brought a bundle of new features for our iPhone and iPad with the iOS and iPadOS 15 update.

One of them is the ability to create ephemeral email addresses. This means that we can delete them at any time. A service that is reminiscent of YOPmail.

Under what circumstances can this be practical? Especially when a site asks us for an email address to connect or obtain content. If you do not want to receive newsletters or promotional emails afterwards, such an address can come in handy.

The principle of ephemeral emails offered by Apple is simple. The latter creates us from scratch an iCloud email address whose messages will be redirected to our main email address.

When we are tired of this address, we just have to deactivate it.

Apple allows us to create as many as we want! The problem is that to benefit from the function it is imperative to have a paid subscription on the iCloud. The 50 GB subscription is enough to qualify.

How to create an ephemeral email address on iPhone and iPad

So, if you have a paid subscription for iCloud, here’s what to do to create an ephemeral email address on your iPhone and iPad:

  1. Go in: Settings
  2. To push on her name in the top
  3. To push on: iCloud
  4. Select option: Hide my email address
  5. Weigh on: Create a new address

Here’s how to create an ephemeral email address from your iPhone or iPad.

Apple will generate an email address for us. You cannot change it, but you can press: Use another address to generate another if the one proposed does not suit our business.

Once the address has been created, we can therefore use it as we wish. All you have to do is go back to these settings, then select it to find the option: Disable email address when we no longer want to use it.

The main new features awaiting our iPhone with the iOS 15 update

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