Crazy victory in Taiwan for “announcing not to participate anymore”! Became the first foreign player to win the Korean professional championship

Esports are a very new and popular sport. It has become an official event of the Hangzhou Asian Games. On the eve of the Tokyo Olympics, many people raised the discussion about “entry to the Olympics with e-sports”, so that this sport can be seen by more people. Taiwan also has many of the best e-sports players in the world who have won championships in international competitions in different game projects.As a result, more and more e-sports teams have been created, attracting many companies to start sponsoring them. Hence, as an international e-sports powerhouse, South Korea has more resources and many excellent Taiwanese players will be looking to travel overseas for better development. Recently, in the individual competition of the second season of the South Korean Professional League of the game “Running Kart”, the Taiwanese player Neal (Liu Changheng) of the Liiv SANDBOX team defeated the “South Korean Number 1” championship match 3-1 and won championships 4. Lee Jae-hyuk won the championship.

Congratulations to Bakugou for winning the Korean Running Karting League Season 2 Overall Championship 🏎 Individual Race! 🏆 It’s really explosive! Ah Tie ~ Thermaltake Technology has always been a strong supporter of Bakugo and the RSL Dream Cup Running League! I am really moved💖🔥 Just leave any words of blessing in the message! 💯 And share …

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Born in 1998, Bakugou has participated in the “Running Kart” professional event since 2011. He participated for the first time in the TeSL Division A e-sports championship and won second place and third place in the summer event. year, he also participated in the Taiwan Open (Taiwan Open). And he won the championship. After the summer match, he once again challenged the winter competition of League A and even won the extraordinary result of 4 crowns. In 2012, Brother Bang once again showed his strong strength and won 4 crowns in League A., Taiwan Open summer champion, since his childhood, has dominated the Taiwan esports arena in the following years .

Thanks to the many people who accompanied me along the path: four years have passed since I set myself the goal of entering the profession, and a large part of being able to stay in this place is a coincidence, in fact the first batch of players invited after the modification of the individual competition system In fact it was me, Azusa, who was part of the first champion team of the Taiwan Open group …

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In 2014, the Taiwan E-Sports Alliance announced that “Running Kart” will be deprofessionalized, which means that future competition will no longer be limited to professional players and even amateur teams will have the opportunity to jump on the TV screen and have the opportunity to join the professional team. The dream of a professional player, but at the same time, the original professional player will lose a professional stage to use his experience, but Bakugou still hasn’t given up on continuing to challenge more events, and has participated in a series of games held on the server Chinese in a semi-professional state, also achieving good results.

In the same year, Bakugo opened a YouTube channel and in 2016 he turned into a live game host and founded a Twitch channel, where he streamed the content of his game to the public on the platform, thanks to his humorous style and wonderful gameplay. . The performance quickly attracted the attention of many fans. Although Bakugo has become the live broadcaster, he still hasn’t forgotten his old line of work. This year he launched the “RSLeague” event, hoping to give players specializing in this design a stage to play.

In 2019 Bakugo announced that he would no longer participate in small and medium competitions because he had always monopolized large and small events in Taiwan. This year he represented the Taiwanese team “Formosa Beast” to participate in the World Championships, so it has become a very interesting event for everyone. His outstanding performance won second place in this competition. In addition to popularizing Bakugo this time in South Korea, the special “Neal Build” route created in the competition was also welcomed by Korean players and often imitated. The Korean media even used it with him. The local top player, Park In-Su, has suddenly become the target of many Korean professional teams.

In 2022 Bakugo was invited by many Korean professional teams. In the end, he chose to join the Liiv SANDBOX professional racing team, one of the top three and won multiple team championships. He became the first foreign player in South Korean history to play in the league.In the individual standings and team competitions, although the outstanding results of the explosive brother should not be underestimated, some professionals and fans think he is too old, and he is difficult to do well in the Korean occupation, let alone survive.

But Brother Baku broke everyone’s doubts. He became the first foreign player in the history of Korean professionals to win the championship. Before that, no contestant over the age of 22 has won the individual championship. Allegedly, Brother Baku will be a team in the future. The main players will not only help the team create more results, but they will also continue to beat their own records. After the game, Bakugo also stated that he will use the prize money from this competition to organize a competition in Taiwan to help the home esports environment improve. We can’t wait for Bakugo to write a new chapter of e-sports for Taiwan in the future!

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