Crazy Numeric Lotto lottery results have been announced – August 10 Crazy Lotto results questioning is on Millipiyangoonline!

Crazy Numeric Lotto is a game based on creating a column by choosing 6 numbers from 1 to 90. If you know at least 2 and at most 6 numbers in your columns, you can earn different amounts of bonuses.

To play Crazy Digital, you can create a profile at or Milli Piyango application and fill out coupons online. You can also play games by creating Crazy Numeric Lotto coupons from National Lottery sales dealers.

In each draw, 6 numbers + 1 numbers (Joker) are drawn from the 90 numbers in the sphere. After 6 numbers drawn as the number of wildcards, 1 number is drawn. This number is set aside and will not be included in the next draw.

The winning rate depends on the number of columns you play and the number of tricks you know:

The first category, “who knows 6”, is the combination in which all 6 numbers of the winning combination are correctly predicted. Those who know 6 win the jackpot.

The second category, “who knows 5 + 1”, is the combination where the 5 number of the winning combination is guessed correctly and the 6th digit is equal to the “Joker” number.

The third category, “those who know 5”, are combinations in which the number 5 of the winning combination is predicted correctly, but the 6th digit is different from the “Joker.”

The fifth category, “who knows 3”, is the combination in which the number 3 of the winning combination is correctly predicted.

The sixth category, “those who know 2”, are combinations in which the number 2 of the winning combination is correctly predicted.

You can fill out coupons yourself, buy pre-played pre-played tickets, or choose random numbers from the terminal with “You Choose”.

Crazy Numeric Lotto draws are held every week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. You can watch the crazy Digital Lotto draws live on the official YouTube Channel xxx of the National Lottery.

Each column you play is only 3 TL.

Anyone over the age of 18 can play Crazy Lotto.

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