Crazy! China makes hypersonic weapons, can defeat US missiles

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – China not only become a new world economic power, but also become a global military rival ‘whiz’ United States (US) as sherrifthe world. Now the Bamboo Curtain Country is said to be developing hypersonic weapons that can defeat Uncle Sam’s advanced ballistic missiles.

Launch China Power Project from Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), one of the most important systems in the region is the sea-based Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMD). The US Navy has one of these.

This ballistic missile defense system is arguably the most sophisticated and provides security from enemy missile attacks. However, its effectiveness has decreased due to advances in hypersonic missile technology.

One that has it is China. Xi Jinping’s country, has made it since six years ago.

Various trials have been carried out by China to develop this weapon. From the beginning of January 2014 until the end of last year the trial was conducted nine times.

Eight of the nine trials reported success while one was recorded as failing. The Chinese hypersonic weapon, which may now be in operation, was named the DF-17 and was first introduced on October 1 last year during a national military parade.

The DF-17 is said to be able to travel at speeds of Mach 5-10 (1.72-3.43 km / s) for very long distances of up to 1,800-2,500 km. Here are the characteristics:

The development of this ‘bombastic’ Chinese military occurred amidst increasingly heated relations between China and a number of countries. Chinese President Xi Jinping has repeatedly reminded his military to be ready for war.

Latest, as written South China Morning Post (SCMP), it instructed the state Navy (AL) to increase combat readiness to protect its territory. Xi made this statement amid escalating conflicts with the US and a number of countries in the South China Sea region, including Taiwan.

“You have to focus your mind and energy on preparing to go to war and be vigilant,” he was quoted as saying by the Hong Kong media CCTV early last October.

“The Navy has many different missions … such as, should base your training on the need to fight … and raise the bar for training and combat capabilities.”

Meanwhile, another country that is also developing this hypersonic weapon is Russia. Hypersonic weapons developed by Russia are said to be more sophisticated than China.

In December 2019, Russia declared that it had successfully implemented the hypersonic Avangard system. It claims Russia can travel at a speed of Mach 20 (6.86 km / s) with a flight range of more than 6,000 km.

In fact, the US and India began to develop the same weapons. This was revealed in March 2020.

The US is testing hypersonic glide vehicles in long-range test flights to continue its research and development over the years. Meanwhile, India conducted its first demonstration of short-range hypersonic missiles in September 2020.



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