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New Delhi ∙ Discussions are underway for seat agreement between CPM and Congress in the Tripura assembly elections. As soon as the party’s state committee approves the headquarters agreement, the committee will be formed with representatives of both parties.

There are a total of 60 seats in the Legislative Assembly of Tripura. In 2018, BJP won 35 seats and CPM 16 seats. Congress contested in 59 seats and lost pledged money in 58 seats. CPM and Congress are interested in the seat agreement to avoid divisions in the anti-BJP votes. Pradyot Manikya Debarman’s Tipra Mota Party is also on the anti-BJP side.

Even if they are weak, the national congressional leadership wants to win at least 20 seats. 30 and the state component. CPM leaders have criticized that Congress is trying to repeat Bihar’s method of buying more seats.

Deberman’s party has influence in at least 20 seats. CPM and congressional leaders believe that Debarman’s suggestion of contesting at least 50-55 seats is a bargaining chip.

Trinamool Congress has made it clear that it will not be friends with anyone who cooperates with the CPM. Trinamool, which last contested 24 seats, won 0.30% of the vote.

English summary: CPM and Congress for Alliance in Tripura assembly election

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