CP-CPF delivers 90,000 pieces of CP masks to help foreign workers through 3 embassies.

CP-CPF delivers 90,000 CP masks to help foreign workers through three embassies of Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao PDR Producing safe food for consumers

Journalist “Prachachat Business” reported that on January 14, 2021, Mr. Prasit Bunduangprasert Chief Executive Officer of Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited or CPF is the representative of Charoen Pokphand Group. Bring CP mask Given through the ambassadors of 3 countries including Vietnam Cambodia and Lao PDR to distribute to foreign workers residing in Thailand. Especially in vulnerable areas According to Mr. Supakit Chearavanont, Chairman of the CPF and CPF Group Concern for foreign workers in the COVID-19 situation

Mr. Prasit revealed that CPF takes care of workers in our factory with the highest safety standards. With the realization that when workers are safe, they can smoothly produce safe food for all consumers. While taking into account the different nationalities That even though not our employees But everyone wants basic security in their own country or country.

“90,000 CP masks donated through 3 embassies, 30,000 pieces each, including the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam In Thailand Embassy of Cambodia To Thailand and the Lao PDR Embassy in Thailand To distribute to foreign workers residing in Thailand Especially in vulnerable areas “

Mr. Phan Ji Thanh (HE Phan Chí Thanh), Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Thailand revealed that CPF has business in Vietnam. Create jobs, create careers for Vietnamese people As well as greatly improving the economy of Vietnam. This time, despite the COVID-19 outbreak Will take place in Thailand But the company still cares and delivers face masks to the Vietnamese people residing here. Therefore please give this good wish with great thanks And believe that Thailand will overcome this situation very soon

Mr. Uksor Puan (HEOuk Sorphorn), Ambassador of Cambodia In Thailand, the Cambodians who are CPF employees receive the same care from the company as Thai workers. Which Cambodia must be very grateful This time, in the COVID-19 situation, the company also shared its generosity with other Cambodians living in Thailand. Cambodia, thank you very much. And may this goodness help Thailand get through this crisis quickly.

Mr. Saeng Sukathivong (HE Seng Soukhathivong), Ambassador of Lao PDR to Thailand Said he was impressed by the generosity of Thai people And Thai companies that care about the people Lao PDR who lives in Thailand And thank you very much for Thai people and CPF

Previously, CP-CPF provided food and masks. Through the Myanmar Embassy to help alleviate the suffering of Myanmar workers in Samut Sakhon Province and other vulnerable areas.

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