Coyhaique patient appeals to solidarity to get blood and platelet donors

Donors can call 632263769 of the Blood Bank of Valdivia Base Hospital to schedule a donation.

An urgent call for solidarity was made by the patient Pedro Fuentealba, who urgently requires platelets for the treatment of the leukemia that affects him. He lives in Coyhaique and due to this illness, he had to move to Valdivia and lacks greater support networks, for this reason, he appeals to the solidarity of the Valdivian men and women.

In May of last year, after feeling some symptoms, he was referred to the Valdivia Base Hospital, which is the reference center for this type of cancer in the southern zone.

Regarding his illness, he explained that “it can affect children, young people, adults, the elderly. It’s silent, it doesn’t hurt and it hit me suddenly, overnight. I felt tired, dizzy and had little spots on my body like bruises. They did tests and found that it was leukemia.

Since that date he has been in Valdivia and despite the seriousness of his diagnosis, he has responded favorably to treatments that, because they are so intense and aggressive, require blood or platelets from healthy people for his recovery. Since blood and its compounds are not manufactured and can only be obtained through donation, Pedro reiterated his call to the Valdivian community so that they can support him and also the other patients who are being treated for this disease.

Those who wish to donate can call the Blood Bank 632263769 or the Dono Sangre APP to schedule the donation of platelets in the name of Pedro Fuentealba Navarrete, RUT 9.957.848-3. The process has all the protection measures against covid.


As indicated by the Ministry of Health, despite all the technological advances we have in the 21st century, blood cannot be manufactured. The country’s Transfusion Medicine Services depend on the generosity of citizens to supply hospitals and thus guarantee the performance of transplants, operations and cancer treatments, among others.

The blood obtained from donations is intended for the treatment of diseases that cause anemia, as well as for the treatment of different types of cancer. It is also used in surgical interventions, organ transplants and treatment of accidents, hemorrhages and burns.

In the blood donation process, 450 ml of blood are extracted, which allows the preparation of 3 or 4 different components: red blood cells, plasma, platelets, and cryoprecipitatewhich will be transfused to different patients depending on their needs.

*The activity aimed at Primary Health Care teams brought together a PAHO-WHO expert and prominent professionals from the region

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Activity aimed at teams and professionals in the health area of ​​the Los Ríos region, will be held this Friday, February 4, within the framework of World Cancer Day

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Activity was organized by Corporación Sumemos Salud de Valdivia in order to contribute to the prevention and early detection of breast and cervical cancer.

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Also, given the experience, they ask that the disease be addressed comprehensively, including mental health care.

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Dr. Hernán Letelier, Vice President of the Chilean Society of Radiotherapy Oncology, also highlighted the need to continue consolidating high complexity centers.

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A local organization, which is part of the Association of Oncological Groups of Chile, states that the suspension of the service and the lack of timely mammograms will have a negative impact.

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Mammogram performed in 2018 presented a finding (Birads 3) . Family will present legal action for possible negligence that occurred in the Corral commune.

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