Health Cow's milk consumption significantly increases the risk of breast...

Cow’s milk consumption significantly increases the risk of breast cancer – it is better to drink oat milk


When it comes to milk, opinions differ. Which one should it be? Better not use cow’s milk, according to a study. This is said to be able to significantly increase the risk of breast cancer.

  • The consumption of cow’s milk leaves that Breast cancer risk increase significantly according to a study.
  • If the numbers are right, a cup of milk a day increases the risk by a whopping 50 percent.
  • Of all places, the German Nutrition Society recommends a cup Cow’s milk per day.

Milk belongs in a cappuccino or latte macchiato. No question. At least with the macchiato the name suggests this. But which milk should it be? Cow’s milk, Soy milk, almond milk or even oat milk are available. And those who use the wrong milk are said to increase their risk of breast cancer

This is the conclusion study at Loma Linda University in California. Mind you, not only minimally, but considerably. The study on Breast cancer risk is therefore contrary to the recommendation of the German Nutrition Society. This means that you have one cup a day Cow’s milk should drink.

Milk increases breast risk: the background of the study

The researchers examined a total of 52,795 American women over a period of almost 8 years. The aim of the study was to find out whether there is a connection between Cow’s milk– or soy consumption and Breast cancer consists. All women did not suffer from underage at the start of the study Breast cancer. Tumors were mainly discovered when comparing them to cancer registries. 1057 women developed breast cancer during the study period.

The scientists were unable to establish a connection between the consumption of soy milk and diagnose cancer. This means that soy does not increase the risk of getting sick. However, soy doesn’t lower it, either, according to the study. The question had arisen because of the structure of soy the female Sex hormone estrogen and soy resembles.

Cow’s milk significantly increases the risk of breast cancer

Unlike soy, cow’s milk increases that Breast cancer risk however, significantly by up to 80 percent – depending on how many cups you drink per day. Gary E. Fraser, author of the study, said: “A quarter to a third cup of cow’s milk a day can do that Breast cancer risk increase by 30 percent ”. “Anyone up to a cup Cow’s milk Drinking every day has to expect a 50 percent higher risk and those who drink two or even three cups of milk a day have a 70 to 80 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer, “continued Fraser.

It makes no difference, however, whether you are low-fat or milk drink with full fat level. The study is therefore in striking contradiction to the recommendation of the German Nutrition Society. She recommends drinking a cup of cow’s milk (250 ml milk and 50-60g cheese) a day. So women who follow this advice increase it Breast cancer risk.

The high level of hormones in cow’s milk could be the cause of an increased risk of breast cancer

Reason for the high Breast cancer risk could the Hormongehalt be the cow’s milk. According to Fraser, 75 percent of all cows are pregnant and milk products raise the level of a growth hormone that is responsible for healing processes and can also promote cancer. “The positive properties of cow’s milk should be weighed against the possible negative effects,” advises Fraser.

Tip: Just drink coffee with oat milk. Oat milk contains no lactose, no milk protein and no components of soy. But it is rich in fiber and free of cholesterol. A good choice for allergy sufferers too. On the other hand, oats are not suitable for people who do not want to eat gluten. (Moritz Serif)


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