Coviplasm in Mayotte, after the call for caution, Issa Issa Abdou says no


Coaster pedaling in less than 24 hours. Issa Issa Abdou was not opposed to the installation of this therapeutic research center as described by Professor Karine Lacombe in hearing before the National Assembly last week. That was his position on Thursday.

The vice-president of the departmental council still remained cautious on this question and in particular on the idea of ​​transfusing plasma from cured patients to patients with coronavirus. This official position was presented at a press conference on Thursday in the presence of the director of the CHM, and where Issa Issa Abdou, who also has the cap of chairman of the board of directors of the Mayotte hospital center, supported the idea while calling for caution. For CHM officials, Mayotte was no exception, as other regions have benefited from this treatment. The treatment would have no side effects, everything would be under control and under supervision. No need to worry.

A proper coaster

Less than 24 hours this Friday morning, reversal of position. On his Facebook page, Issa Issa Abdou changes his rifle and says to oppose “On the bottom, firmly with the installation in Mayotte of this test center but on the form, I say like the Guyanese that Mayotte is not a field of experimentation”. A correct coaster for the elected representative who also explains that «

Mayotte will not be used as an adjustment variable (…) we are in the process of decelerating the epidemic, and that many patients who arrived at the hospital did not meet the inclusion criteria to benefit from the plasma test

Issa Issa Abdou, vice-president of the departmental council and president of the board of directors of the CHM

chm input

While on the specialist side, we believe in this solution to help the sick. Mayotte and Guyana extended to this project already underway in other departments in mainland France; the announcement was made on June 25 during a hearing at the National Assembly. In Guyana, the population and elected officials stand together and refuse these tests. Besides, Karine Lacombe’s visit to the department has been canceled. The president of the local authority, Rodolphe Alexandre, and the two LREM senators of the territory indicated that it was “not welcome”. For elected officials, led by the president of the local authority, Rodolphe Alexandre, the infectious disease specialist “was not welcome“In Mayotte, the collective of citizens demonstrated in front of the departmental council to say NO to this center project, NO to therapeutic trials.

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